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500 Auto Liker

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October 3, 2022

Overview of 500 Auto Liker

500 Auto Liker is an Application for android mobile which automatically enhances likes on your Facebook posts free of cost. If you  want to become popular on  and  promote your personal and commercial content on the world largest social media site Facebook then you all pay attention to this application. it will fills up your Facebook account with lots of loves and reactions and you must have to download 500 auto liker app from our link which we provide to install on your android phones  without paying any cent.   

Facebook is one of the most widely using the application in all over the world 500 auto liker boost up your posts on Facebook and you become popular in the world with the use of this application Facebook is an app which uses all type of Features of 500 Likes Auto Liker.

Facebook is one of the powerful social media platform if you guys wannt to entertain. Then Facebook is best for for. If you guys are using facebook and their is no likes and comments to you you market is down then download the vip tool to

Features of 500 autos like android app

  • Boost  likes on your Facebook pages and post are too easy with the app.
  • It will automatically build your profile on Facebook, no need to do any manual work.
  • The application is 101% free of cost which doesn’t charge any penny.
  • Due to low weight, its easily install on all devices having an Android operating system.
  • It’s doesn’t contain any harmful content.
  • User data is fully saved with the app.
  • Its is very simple to use even kids can use it.

Things to remember before access 500 Likes Auto Liker app:

·         Everything depends on user interest and if you are interested in getting impressions on your Facebook account then you age must be 18 or above. If age is below than the figure then its will never support your account.Several times users keep their posts for their privacy. And if your account is in private mode then the auto liker app doesn’t support anymore. You have to enable account settings for the public to utilize the app tools.And bear in mind as well the action or activity on which you want to get likes must be share with the public. Means anyone who is using Facebook will be able to like or comment on your post either it’s your friend or not.

Facebook is very strict with its policies and if officials found any unnatural activity on the user account then the block the account instantly. So, don’t get of limit impressions in a short period for your account safety. While installing 500 Likes Auto Liker APK file on your phone maybe its print any installation error. At that time simply enable the “unknown source Tap the application and install it on you android devices.


The climate of Facebook is totally changed in the last few years and now everyone wants to be famous as a celebrity. And to showcase your profile like a celebrity in the front of the international audience you account required powerful impressions from multiple IPs. And to impressions using your phone you have required an app 500 Likes Auto Liker. Download the amazing app from APKbanker.blogspot.com and to become popular on another social network like TikTok you can also choose 500 Auto like. Download from our link below.