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GOGA FF APP Free Fire is a path where you can collect different types of tricks. You need a rooted device to run this application on your Android. If you have no Root device, then, you have to download a Virtual space application from the internet. It will help you to solve all problems that are according to during running will solve easily. Here to provide strong tricks to Free Fire lovers. This epic will provide support for all those players who do not able to perform well in front of their friends in FF.

There are many options available in the tool where you will find the needed tricks easily. If you fail to find out the needed trick then it has more features for your help. It will suggest you a website that is a store of tricks. You have to go there on the suggested way to collect your tools. After entering the way where it will ask, you have to tap on the tool you need. All the tricks are given in by giving titles. Titles will help you to find out your aim quickly as soon as possible.

If you want to learn, How to continue using the GOGA FF App then you have to read all the articles that is given on the Game Guardian page. This page includes all information about the utilization of the tool. Guys are, you know about the Virtual Space tools. If yes, then it will be easy to convert your device into a rooted device safely. There are many more features to explain to you in today’s presented App. It is lite in size but stores a large amount of data in it. There are many more to read in the article let’s start.

GOGA FF APP & Script Detail:

If you are a Garena Free Fire player then it has many more data for you that are here to support you. The first thing that has to be installed on your device is Root Permission. If you have no root device, then it will never run on it. If you are unaware of this information on your device, then the App will help you to find out the way. By following this you will easily know about the root feature in your Android. To search for a known value, Press “Known (Exact) search”. If the valve is unknown or encrypted- click the “Unknown (Fuzzy search” to search. Search for float values by their integer part may be performed by selecting the Auto search type in GOGA FF APP/ Script.

Also, you can use a group search as a separator. To change the speed of the game perform a long press on the floating Game Guardian Icon. There are many tools available that have no charge. If you want to collect free tools for your gaming then you need to take GX GO Mod Beta. It has all those possible tools that will support you during the game. If you want to utilize Autoheadshot and more tools for free then you have to download the application from our website.

GOGA FF APP/Script Features:


  • Donate.
  • Select process.
  • Exit.
  • Kill the game.

Tips for the Game:

  • Select Memory Ranges.
  • Speed tool: Intercept.
  • Unrandomizer: Functions.
  • Speed Trick: Functions.
  • Unrandomizer: Intercept.
  • Hide Game Guardian from the game.
  • Bypass mode for price protection: OFF.
  • Skib memory areas: Empaty zygote.

GOGA FF APP Sittings for the Game:

  • Auto pause game: ON.
  • Saved list updates interval: 1000 MS.
  • Freeze interval: 33000 US.
  • Showtime jump panel: ON.
  • Speed trick: Speed> Sort and remove duplicates.
  • Check the architecture of the game libraries: YES.
  • Speed another: Unrandomizer: Reset on Exit: Yes.
  • Data in the Ram: YES.
  • Access to Memory: Normal.
  • Deep Read: NO.
  • System call mode: Normal.
  • Wait it Mode: Normal.
  • SuperUser Command.
  • Use Root in Virtual Space: NO.
  • Prevent unloading: NO.

UI Settings GOGA FF APP:

  • Use Notification: NO.
  • Hot Key: NO.
  • Limit of the history: 500.
  • Keyboard: Interval.
  • Allow suggestions for the keyboard.
  • Ignore unknown Character: YES.

Small List Item:

  1. Black Background.
  2. Toolbars.
  3. Fill Toolbar.
  4. Toolbar Buttons.

Icon Size:

  • Transparency = 0.
  • Never Hide.
  • Hide Launcher icons.
  • Interface Acceleration: Software.
  • Use Sound Effects Yes.
  • Language.

SCRIPT File GG Super Modz FF:

GOGA FF Others Menu Settings:

  • Disable protection for all applications (until Reboot).
  • Clear input history.
  • Reset all ignore for all dialogs.
  • Stats for your last search.
  • Show logcat.
  • Write region log.
  • Take A screenshot.
  • About.
  • Changelog.


The GOGA FF APP is here with its latest version which is free for all Free Fire lovers. It is full of updated tricks and can complete all the wishes of the FF worriers. Here all tricks are visible in front of you. You will be able to collect all after downloading and installing it on your Android. Without it, you cannot do anything. Only the way that is safe and easy to be popular in the Garena only game without anybody’s help. You can make your stage or level in front of all FF lovers easily.

Addinational Information

May 14, 2024
May 14, 2024