New X-EROZ Patcher 2021

New X-EROZ Patcher


Now New X-EROZ Patcher ML is growing up with the full support of Mobile Legend Gamers. Ml gamers are addicting tools to unlock the premium features of MLBB. If you are a Mobile Legend Bang Bang gamer then here we have the latest application for you. It will help you to unlock all ML Skins and Effects for free. All these free features are waiting for you. You have to only free download this application on your smartphone. It is not much difficult to download. You only have to tap on the above download button. After waiting a few seconds this application will be yours.

Ml skins are very popular among players and they are crazy to get them. In the official game, it is not easy to utilize and get because of the high price. Due to prize reasons, any players have left the game. If you have no skin, then you will not enjoy the game properly. Now you are thinking of the left game, then don’t do it because we are here with a New injector that will help you to collect more skins in the battle. If I tell you it will give you all ml skins, then it will be right because this application can grow you up.

Now you can upgrade skins with the help of the latest feature of the New X-EROZ Patcher 2023 that has the power of a tool to upgrade the skin toward max. There are many new Battle effects. Where you will get much more than you need. The Android application is here for free. No type of currency is needed to purchase the application. If you are thinking that we are lying then you can use this application.

New X-EROZ Patcher ML Introduction:

This application is launched this week and it is a totally new tool for MLBB gamers. There are many new features as compared to other applications. As it is new in the world of injectors that why not many players know about the tool? If you are facing this tool for the first time, then you have to use this application. It will help you in different ways like UNlock Costumes, and Upgrade Costumes, and either you can use it for other purposes. It’s for you to use and collect other rewards. The developers have added many more features in the latest Part.

The developers of the New X-EROZ Injector are X-EROZ ID. They have made a unique injector to unlock skins. It will unlock skins under the third way because the official game tracker will track your activities that are illegal in the game. Which will lead you to, an account being banned. Now don’t worry about your account because the anti-ban feature is here to save your account. The account is the main thing that will show your personality in the game. If it will be banned, then you will never restore your account. Venz Mod is also here for your help during the game.

New X-EROZ Patcher MLBB Unique Features:

There are many types of features in the application. We have given detailed information in the below paragraph. If you are interested to know more about the tool, then stay with us till the end.

ML Skins:

There are three types of skins available in the Tool. These are as follows:


  • Gusion Skins.
  • Fanny Skins.
  • Lancelot Skin.
  • Selena Skins.
  • Ling Skins.
  • Natalia Skins.
  • Helcurt Skins.
  • Hayabusa Skins
  • Saber Skins.
  • Hanzo Skins.
  • Banedetta Skins.
  • Aamono Skins.


  • Lasley Skins.
  • Granger Skins.
  • Hanabi Skins.
  • Karrie Skins.
  • Claude Skins.
  • Kimmy Skins.
  • Miya Skins.
  • Layla Skins.
  • Clint Skins.
  • Yi Sun-Shin Skins.
  • Bruno Skins.
  • Moskov Skins.
  • Wanwan Skins.
  • Rogger Skins.
  • Popol Kupa Skins.
  • Brody Skins.
  • Beatrix Skins.

More Skins:

  • 60+ Mag Skins.
  • 55+ Fighter Skins.
  • 60+ Tank Skins.
  • 55+ Support Skins.

Battle Effect MLBB:

Here you have to choose features, according to your need.

  • 10+ Recalls.
  • 9+ Respown.
  • 10+ Elimination Effects.

Skin Costume & Uprade:

When you tap on this feature then you will face two types of options. One of them is Upgrade Skin and another one is Skin costume. These two have totally different functions. You have to select your needed feature. Here you can upgrade your skin and costume for free.

New X-EROZ Patcher 2021 More Menu:

Here also you face two options that are:

Battle Emotes:

There is an Inject option in the menu. You have to tap on it to inject it into the game.

Loading Screen:

Here you can set your loading screen in the game for free.

Last Words:

The New X-EROZ Patcher MLBB Part 7 is now in the new form of the Patcher. Here with the help of this pattern, you can easily patch and inject MLBB skins and other features easily. In the latest update, the developers have changed the logo of the patcher. This application is also known as X-EROZ Injector. Hope you will free download this patcher from our site and give us your important feedback after using the application.

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January 22, 2024
January 22, 2024