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 Your wait is no end, the PUBG No Recoil for all Seasons recoil file is at least published for PUBG gamers. As you know without zero recoils you cannot manage the sensitivity of scopes. It is very difficult to perfectly spray on the enemy without recoil. It will help you to fire without a step. If an enemy is on your way at a longer length, then it is very difficult to fire directly on the target. During the fire, your scopes will move upward and downward. To manage these sensitivities of scopes we are nowhere with the Zero recoil PUBG file.

As a PUBG player, you know that PUBG Mobile is now gaining popularity among online video games. If you are new in the fighting battle, then you need this file for better gameplay. You will play better in the game as compared to without playing the recoil. It will help you to fire correctly on the target easily. Now with the help of this application, you can easily defeat your opponent player. You have to follow some instructions that are given below. It is very important to set up files in the right place. The 90 FPS PUBG Mobile has a similar function to this application.

If you will place the PUBG NO Recoil file in the wrong way, then you will lose your all pubg data. If you make any mistakes while placing a file, then you have to reinstall your PUBG app. Kindly make sure that you have placed the file correctly. After this process, you can enjoy the sensitivity feature in the game. There are many other kinds of PUBG configuration files likes, White body, No grass, Running speed, and many other tricks for the fighting battle. But these will result in an account ban. This application is fully secure with an anti-ban feature.

PUBG No Recoil Features:

The main feature of this application is no recoil and zero recoils. It will help you to set up your scope sensitivity. You can get the recoil file for free without giving any money. Some scopes are given below that are used while playing PUBG Mobile.

Scope Sensitivity:

There are different kinds of scopes are in this online fighting battle. Some are for short lengths and some of them are used for longer lengths. Some scopes are given below:

  • Red rot.
  • Halo.
  • 2X scope.
  • 3X Scope.
  • 4X Scope.
  • 6X Scope.
  • 8X Scope.

These are the scopes that will help you to play a pubg game battle.

New features:

  • Only recoil (zero recoils).
  • Anti-ban.
  • Don’t worry about that problem because it will provide security for your account.
  • Password needed during setup file in achiever.
  • No other kind of unlock is available in there.
  • Developed by simple UI interface.
  • Free for all PUBG Players.

Is it safe to Use:

This file is safe to use in the new updated version (season). You have to know the place of the file in the area on the map. No need to place the file in OBB. The OBB file is not present in the new version because of security reasons. But we have found a way to set up the recoil file safely. It is 100% safe to use.

How to Place PUBG No Recoil File:

  1. First, you have to open the Zachiver app.
  2. Open Android>Data>com.tancent.ig>Files>UE 4Games>Shadow Tracker Extra>Saved>Paks>Map-Planet.
  3. First, you have to delete the map-planet file.
  4. Then go to downloads in Zachiver and find no recoil file and extract it here.
  5. Here you have to put password 654123 then press “OK”.
  6. Find the extracted file and place it in a map-planet folder.
  7. All done now you can enjoy the No recoil.


You have to follow the above instructions carefully while setting up the recoil file. It is very easy to set up. If any kind of issue is created then contact me in the comments area. PUBG No Recoil File will help you to manage scopes in an easy way.

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February 18, 2024
February 18, 2024