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VIP Afrizal Modz

VIP Afrizal

Are you ready to modify the video game, then let’s start and take your mobile phones in your hand. VIP Afrizal Modz is the best app for Androids that helps you improve your gaming experience. This game provides many features that give you free features without investing money. This app is unique in the battle royal games mod, difficult, and awesome features. We are offering you URNUB Injector for unlocking skins.

Every player wants to push rank in match statistics. For those who want to boost their rank,  we are offering this app.  This app is not affiliated with the official game. Then let’s start to discover more about this game. You can easily pass a very difficult mission which is impossible for new players. Now new players can easily pass their mission. There you can unlock the premium character of the MLBB game with the help of new skins that outfit your hero. These features are free in this app.

VIP Afrizal Modz helps you in the match while you face pro players and this app provides you extra power to your gaming character. Along with all my skins, you can unlock many features, for example, background, effects, rank booster, analog, and much more you need. Here you can get all skins and items using this injecter for Androids and mobile phones for free in this app. You can get the same items by winning matches it’s not a lot for you.

VIP Afrizal Modz Tricks:

You can easily modify the game by using this app. These are listed below:

Rank booster:

  •  Fast farming
  •  Enemy lag 30%
  •  Team no feeder
  •  Enemy noob 20%
  •  Cooldown 10%
  •  Anti-band 100%
  •  Defense up
  •  Get team pro
  •  A rank option like the master, grandmaster, legends, epic, and mythic

Unlock All skins:

This option is for your hero how it looks and which character you want to display on your screen you can change everything with your will. You can adjust things on your display screen by unlocking skins in the game. Before these things you have some skins to adjust after using this app you can easily modify and use overall things that are present in the match. There are dozens of skins available for you.

Analog menu:

You can set your lobby according to your will with the help of the following analogs. These are given below:

  • Selena epic
  • Airdrop
  • Alucard epic
  • Harley Epic
  • Backup analog
  • Sharinggang analog
  • Evos


There are 7 latest background effects available in this official version. You can inject into the Ml game at any stage for fun according to their requirements.

Effect recalls:

There are lots of recalls according to your needs. There are so many recalls available for you.

Upcoming cheats:

Effect spawn and emote ml are the coming and latest cheats which are added in new versions. Now connect with us and get the latest version of this app.

VIP Afrizal Modz Features:

  • In there along with all-new ML skins, you can also explore additional cheats such as rank booster, analog, effects, and much more.
  • Easy to map-read- no doubt anyone can easily read a matching map.
  • It is quite simple to use.
  • User-friendly you can easily understand this app.
  • compatible to use.


Everyone has not enough money to buy a premium package from the MLBB officials. But these items are limited and compulsory to change the game entirely. If you want to check & try this then click on the upper download link. Now everything is in VIP Afrizal Modz, play the game, and win it.

Addinational Information

December 27, 2023
December 27, 2023