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 Y2Mate Guru Virus Downloader Plus APP is here with lots of features for downloading for free. Have you guys been Android users? Then you need any special application to download programs on mobile phones. Nowadays people are using smartphones in their daily life. All time they carry their handsets with them. Users are now using smartphones to play games, watch live and offline tv shows, etc. If you are a streamer and need a tool to free download programs and videos then we are here with this application that is free for all users. No need to invest money in them.

Downloads are thankful for these Apps because they help them to enjoy their favorite videos easily. There is not much time to watch TV in homes at these busy times. They want a simple Android application to download their favorite one at zero price. We have given this tool to solve your problem in a simple way that will help you to save time and enjoy your shows anywhere in the world. There are 50+ channels are available in the Free Movie where you can download your interesting videos. Some of these are related to News, Sports, Cartoons, Animals, and much more lite channels that you are interested in.

In this modern ERA, there are many free Downloading applications on the internet store, but some of these are not working properly due to some reasons. On Y2Mate Guru MP3 / MP4 YouTube Video Downloader, all errors are fixed and nothing else will disturb you during using the application. Now you can enjoy Sports Videos, News Videos, Comedy Videos, Kids’ Videos, Animal Videos, and many more that you want to download on the application. These are not only the main features of the TV application because much more advanced features are available for free.

Y2Mate Guru Virus Downloader Introduction:

Are you interested to gain more information about this APP? If yes, then connect with us till the end of the article. This application is lite in size, which will help this to run smoothly with all Android devices. This application required 5.0+ version devices to run. On the other hand, now you are going to use a great application that has the power to download unlimited TV channels in one pack called Y2Mate Guru Safe APK. It is time to use your handset as a Downloading device. You can also download videos of countries like India, Pakistani, the Philippines, and much more country channels.

Y2Mate Guru3 APK is a modified application that is free of internal bug problems. We have provided many other applications on this website. If you are interested to use more TV apps, then you have to use those applications. These are available at zero price. APKBANKER has a big store of the best Downloaders and Tv applications in the world. There are many similar functions between these two applications. You can also use this application for streaming purposes. All applications have different results and features.

Y2Mate Guru APK Features:

Download on the Phone:

Nowadays, many users are using their smartphones to download different types of channels on their phones. This application will help you to watch your favorite videos shortly. If you are in search of a similar application like this then don’t waste your time and tap on the above download button.

Videos on Y2Mate Guru MP3:

This feature will help you to watch live shows, sports, News, etc. If you are traveling somewhere and you want to watch sports and other live shows then you can easily watch them at any place around the world.

YouTube to MP4 Y2Mate Guru:

Now you can enjoy radio channels in the new application for free. Here you can listen to 12+ channels for music. Only TV applications that are supported by Radio free channels. Lots of people around the world like to listen to and use FM Radio on Android smartphones. If you are one of them, then you have to free download Nika TV on your handset.

Y2Mate Guru YouTube Downloader Usage:

  • You have to store the application on your internal storage by tapping on the above download link.
  • If you are using a new Android phone, then go to settings to allow Unknown source.
  • This will give you access to install unknown sources on the mobile phone.
  • You have to Allow the above settings under two conditions.
    • New smartphone.
    • Any error occurs during installation without allowing the unknown source.
  • You have to wait for some time while the application is installed.
  • After complete installation, it will show you two options “Open” and “Close”.
  • You have to click on open to enter.
  • All channels are available here.
  • On the top of the main menu, there is a search icon.
  • Tap on this and search for your best channel to stream.


The new VIP updated Y2Mate Guru Downloader Virus has all the videos that you want to watch. It is the way to fulfill your needs for free. Don’t waste your time to search more applications. Use this Downloader app that is providing all free and unique features. We have provided some information about the application. If you are interested to download the application, then you can get this app in a few seconds. Good luck with your better-Downloading experience.

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January 15, 2024
January 15, 2024